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P.E.T. Parental effectiveness Training course

As parents, we are filled with joy when our child is born. However, as the children grow up, we begin to worry and worry. How to deal with conflicts and contradictions between parents and children has become a difficulty in front of parents.


Parenting isn't that hard, we just haven't found a way to communicate that's right for us and right for our kids. Today peaches is bringing you P.E.T. Parenting training workshop by Sun Na, which may be the parenting lesson you need the most.


Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) has been hailed as centrifugal's most recent parenting philosophy and is the bible for Bill Gates's parents, who, according to an interview, began their relationship with P.E.T. Is one of the best advice in life.

Parent Effectiveness Training P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) is a set of simple and practical Parent Training courses developed by Dr. Thomas Gordon, an American psychologist, in 1962. The main core concepts and basic skills for trained parents are Through clear definition of problems, active listening, complete expression and no losing way to resolve conflicts, children's self-conscious growth ability will be cultivated, parents will also get their own spiritual growth in this process, so as to achieve a harmonious family relationship. Over 54 years, P.E.T. has affected millions of families in 50 countries around the world.

Dr. Thomas Gordon, known as the "father of communication," was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times in a row.

P.E.T. courses address many of your parenting issues, such as:

1. How to reduce parental anxiety and frustration

2. How to be a real, effective parent

3. How to listen to children (including infants and toddlers)

4. How to express parents' needs to their children

5. How can children learn to be responsible for themselves and deal with their own problems

6. How to solve family conflicts in a win-win way

7. How do you make family rules

8. How to prevent parent-child conflict and share values


To help you change the status quo, improve the relationship with children, in parenting to achieve self-education.


Lesson 1: Behavior window + problem attribution

The system categorizes all the problems encountered in parenting and constructs problem solving patterns and structures

Lesson 2: Active Listening + assisting skills

Understand and deal with your own emotions to develop your child into an independent problem solver

Lesson 3: Honest communication + Time and environment

Get to know yourself, sort out your family's patterns, and build the foundation of an intimate relationship

Lesson 4: Identify feelings + Take responsibility for yourself

Take on more responsibility and foster altruism and fairness in your children

Lesson 5: Understand needs + Resolve conflicts

A win-win conflict resolution model that enhances relationships and intimacy through effective conflict resolution

Lesson 6: Know yourself + comb your values

Resolve conflict of values and understand the long-term impact of parents on children

[Course Features]

1. Be professional and rigorous

The curriculum has been developed by Gordon International Training (GTI) for 56 years. And use international uniform teaching materials. At the end of the program, students will be issued a parent's license by the U.S. headquarters, which can be used as a basis for further training or further training.

2. Harvard Case method to achieve active learning

The "student-centered" teaching mode truly achieves experiential learning, from the understanding of the mind level to the absorption of the feeling level and then to the change of behavior pattern.

3. Lots of practice

The course has both theory and practice, so we can learn and absorb better through continuous drills and practice in the course. The course features demonstrations, a large number of cases, group discussions and experiential learning to enable you to better grasp the theory and technical knowledge.

4. Full of dry goods

Through the specific explanation of my own and other students' cases, the theory can be grounded and better applied in practice (the former students include childless expectant mothers engaged in the education industry, as well as mothers with children aged 24).

5. Excellent teaching in small classes

To ensure that teachers and students more fully communicate and interact, get enough attention and support to learn things to solve problems in real life.

6. Community companionship

To help you digest what you learned in the 24-hour workshop, as Singapore's P.E.T. Instructor Na Sun, Director of curriculum development and quality Control for Parenting effectiveness Training, developed and designed an online community section to accompany the 24-hour workshop. This additional section is a world first and unique to Na Sun. The design of online content can make what we have learned more in-depth, bring what we have learned into our life and integrate it into our life. Through step by step practice, from knowing to doing, there are input, output and sorting.

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[Introduction to the lecturer]

Na Sun, a Full scholarship master of Science from Stanford-Nanyang Technological University (NTU), is a Singapore lecturer and course design director of the globally renowned parenting communication course, Parental Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.).

[Class time]

Date: From April 20, 2021, 4 hours at a time, 6 weeks in total, 24 hours in total

Time: Every Tuesday from 9 am to 1 PM

Location: 0 0 New Space,Claymore Connect #03-17,442 Orchard RD Singapore 238879